Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper and A Busy Bee

Hey. It's Jacob. My mommy hasn't written on here in a while and I've been really, I thought I'd let you all know what I've been up to. There are lots of pictures to follow - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! :)

I love to hang out with mommy in the kitchen. I help her cook.
I play a lot too
I was trying to get into the tupperware cabinet

And mommy let me. It was so much fun!!!
Here I am playing in my pac-n-play. I spend a lot of time in here.

We had our neighbors over for dinner one night and Chad let me wear his hat.
Hanging out with Coach. You can't see him, but he is tickling me.
On our way to dinner at Wild Wings
Hanging out with Pops
Mommy's best friend Katie moved back to town. She's so nice. Here we are reading a book together.

Dinner at Macaroni Grille. We got sit outside. I love being outside.
Helping Mommy with the laundry
What a fun toy!
So happy
This is my new funny face. I like to scrunch my nose like a rabbit.
Taking clothes out of the dryer
Mmmm....clean clothes sure do taste yummy!!!!
Exploring...I kinda felt like I was in a spaceship
Playing in the backyard. We invited the neighbors to come swim with me. We had fun.
I sure do LOVE the water
Samson wanted to play too - he's such a silly doggy
Playing with Addy Grace
Funny story - Mommy and Jenny (Addy Grace's mommy) left their cameras out while were swimming and it started pouring down rain. Well, our silly momma's FORGOT their cameras were out. It wasn't lighting or thundering so we stayed in the pool. After about 10 minutes my mommy screams, "Jenny!! Our cameras!!" They both started freaking out and ran to get them and try and dry them off. We thought mommy's was ok, but as you can tell from some of these pictures it's a little fuzzy. Oops!!! Guess mommy learned her lesson. At least it wasn't her super nice new camera though....that would have been tragic. Anyway, I know the pictures are kinda fuzzy but still wanted you to see what I've been up to!!!
I love playing with my friend
Teeny tiny friends playing in the pool
The water was kindof cold, but I didn't mind
I could play in the water all day
Waking up from a nap. I'm always so happy
I always seem to be getting into trouble. One day I woke up from my nap and was bored so I decided to pull the picture down that hangs over my crib. Mommy, of course, had to take a picture before she could rescue me. Good thing it wasn't heavy!! :)
I love to play
and play
taking a break to look out the window (isn't this cute?)and then play some more
I am just all over the place and into everything these days. Mommy has a hard time keeping up.
One day we were bored and put Pops hat on Samson. Gangsta Dog!!!!
Bath Time
Perfect way to end a long post
Thanks for checking in with us. Hopefully my mommy won't take so long to catch you all up next time. Much love people!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday America Among Other Things

Here's a look at our First 4th of July weekend with our boy!!! We spent Saturday at the lake with Jared's family.

Jacob did NOT like the lifejacket he had to wear at the lake
Mohawk baby sitting on the boat
J and Pops
Have fun
J playing with his Great Uncle Tim - this was their first time to meet
Playing in his boat
So fun....
What can I even say about this one. I just wanna eat him up!!!
Going for J's first boat ride
July 4th outfit
While getting ready for my parents last night we noticed Jacob can now see over the pac-n-play
Isn't this cute!?! They are just the best of friends. Jared and I were fixing lunch in the kitchen. Jared turned around and Jacob had crawled over to Samson and pulled himself up so he could play with his furry friend. I love it!!!!!!
Hey guys
We went to my parents house for dinner on Sunday
Coach and Gama with their favorite boy
(J had his first taste of frozen limeade while we were there. We have created a monster. He LOVED it!!!! I couldn't get him to stop drinking it. We thought he might think it was bitter.....we were wrong. He just kept grabbing for the cup. What a funny boy!!)
Samson looking out the front door
The boys playing yesterday afternoon
Just playing with my toys
Can you tell we have a dentist in the family or what!?!
Jared's mom gave Jacob his first toothbrush while we were on vacation. The boy LOVES his toothbrush. We use bathtime as the perfect place to practice good dental heygiene. We're trying to teach him, but for now I think he thinks it's just a super fun toy!!!
In closing I included a short video of Jacob crawling. Oh he is getting so big!!!! Have a great week everyone!!!