Friday, October 30, 2009

Mom, Happy Fall, Playtime, Zoo, Weekend Trip to the SC, and Birthday Party #1

So I've not been so good lately about updates. I'm gonna try to do better. As for now, here's a WHOLE bunch of stuff we've been up to.
A couple of weeks ago we celebrated my mom's birthday. Here is mom with her favorite grandson before his bedtime.

There's a nice old man that runs a pumpkin patch out of his front yard on the road to our house. We went there and took some pictures of little man with the pumpkins. After all, being born on October 31st Jacob is a pumpkin himself.

The next couple of pictures were taken before going to Grammy and Papa Doc's for a sleepover. I was trying to get Jacob's food together.
He decided to help me pack the cooler
It was FULL of ice and he thought it was so fun to stick his hands in there. Go figure!!!!
Attacking Grammy when she walked through the door.
This boy hearts his grandparents in a major way.
Riding his toy
Why he likes to crawl inside his toy box I have no clue. Super duper cute though!!
The weather was so nice last week that we took our first ever trip to the zoo. Boy did Jacob have a blast. It was even better because J's aunt Jayme joined us for the fun.

This is the meercat that Jacob had a staring contest with
Fascinated by the animals
Watching the zebras. They came up really close
J really liked to pet the goats. He even drooled all over one. Good thing the goat didn't mind.
Pint size goat for a pint size kid
Jacob and Jayme on the play mat
This was by far the funnest thing of the day. Jacob had the best time crawling everywhere and falling on the mats. We could have stayed forever except for that darn thing called a nap. :)
This past weekend we took a trip to South Carolina to visit my grandmother and the rest of the family. Jared, my mom, Jacob, and I went down on Thursday and then my dad came down Saturday afternoon. Here's some photos from our time...
Jacob and Pops playing peek a boo through the glass
J loved crawling back and forth between the den and the screened porch
On Saturday my cousin's baby Graham had his 1st birthday. He and Jacob are 11 days apart. Which I think is really fun b/c his mommy and I are only 18 days apart. I love that our boys are so close in age. We went to the party and I think you'll be able to tell that Jacob had a fabulous time.
Graham with his cake
This kid was funny. He did NOT like his cake at all and would not have anything to do with it. Fran kept trying to get him to taste the icing. He would make the funniest faces and turn his head away. Oh well, I guess sweets aren't for everyone!
J playing with Graham's present
The bday boys in their bday hats
All the great-grandkids. Plus Jared.
Jacob helping open the presents
Graham got this super fun alphabet train and as you can see all the kids wanted it
Taking a ride on the train
Meredith giving Jacob a bottle. Poor petite thing - he's almost as big as she is
Reading, I mean eating a book before bedtime
Playing with his new fun car mat that my cousin Anna and the two girls gave him
My grandmother has this long hallway and Jacob thought it was so fun to crawl up and down it. Here he is playing with his daddy.
Snuggling with Uncle Troy
is so much fun
Going for a ride in the wagon
We had a small party for both Jacob and Graham on Sunday at my aunt's house. Since all of them live too far to come celebrate with us this weekend, we thought we'd party a little early.
Jacob's 1st cupcake
Getting some icing
Hmmmm...I think he likes it. How about you?
Opening some presents
Which one do I play with first?
Wonder what's in here?
Playtime with Mama before bed
Ok. I know this picture is weird. But, it was funny. I kept trying to get my grandmother to stick out her tongue. Everytime she tried to do it she made the funniest faces. Here's the best picture we got. Ha ha...I love her so much!!!
On the way home we stopped in Atlanta so Jacob could visit with his other great grandmother for a bit. Here they are in deep discussion about the cd player.
Working on walking. It won't be long now.
And last of all. A picture of me and my sweet boy. I can't believe he is going to be a year old tomorrow. Where has the time gone? We've got big plans for the celebration and can't wait to share. But, I think I might shed a few tears tomorrow as well.

Monday, October 12, 2009

It's been 11 for a while now

Jacob has been 11 months for a couple of weeks now, but I'm just now getting the opportunity to blog about it. We can't believe our sweet baby boy is almost ONE YEAR OLD!!!! Where has the time gone!?! It may have gone fast, but it's not here yet. I am trying to enjoy these last couple of weeks with my "baby". Here's what little man is up to recently...
-Jacob has been expanding his mealtimes. Some of his new favorites include lima beans, pinto beans, asparagus (I know), bell peppers, butternut squash, jello, cheese, yogurt has been one for a while, pumpkin bread, chicken, beef, black eyed peas, bagels w/ a touch of cream cheese, blueberry waffles, pancakes, vanilla wafers, and animal crackers. This kid still just loves to eat. I often wonder how so much food can be packed into such a tiny body, but I guess that's why he weighs like 23 pounds. :)
-Jacob is really learning to read books. For the longest time he would throw them down when we tried. Now we can actually read a couple and he will sit and listen. It's GREAT!!!...I love to read and want him to enjoy it too.
-Jacob now has 7 teeth. When he smiles he just looks like such a big boy.
-Jacob is now trying to stand up ALL the time. He gets it occassionally and this huge smile just takes over his face.
-Jake is getting really, really, really good at climbing the stairs.
-He loves to shake his head no about everything. We think it's just soooo cute right now b/c he's still too little to really understand what he's actually saying. We know this cuteness phase is about to be over.
-Jacob is finally really waving. He has attempted several times in the past, but it was always just a one time thing and then he wouldn't do it again. He is now waving all the time.
-Jacob can clap
-Jacob loves for us to build blocks up high so he can knock them down.
-Jacob loves to swing, take walks, and do anything outdoors
-When music is playing Jacob dances.
-He loves to watch/listen to Jared playing the guitar.
-Jacob now gets super excited when his grandparents or aunts come around. I think it is just so sweet that he loves them all so much.
-Our favorite time right now is right before bed. After his bottle he will just sit and cuddle with us. He likes to go back and forth to each of us...I guess he wants to make sure he distributes his love evenly. We've been keeping him up a little past bedtime b/c he's just SOOOOO sweet!!
-Jacob loves to give kisses. Well, it's really a big mouthful of slobber - but we love it just the same.
-Jacob really likes it when friends come over to play. Our friend Wyatt (4 months) came over last week and as soon as his mommy sat his carseat down Jacob crawled over and was trying to help her get him was too cute!!
-Jacob has discovered that Samson makes a great jungle gym. This boy crawls all over that dog, pulls his hair, uses him for balance. You name it. Samson - way too go bud!! I'm so proud of how gentle you are with him and how you let him just do anything he wants to you. Seriously people. Golden retrievers. There's no other way to go.
-Jacob has become extremely vocal in the past couple of weeks. He talks non-stop and he is now squealing at the top of his lungs. He also usually likes to reserve the squealing for when we are eating at a restaurant.
-One of Jacob's bad habits is spitting. He spits all the time. He spits all the time when he eats. I do not know what to do about this. Suggestions???
-Jake now laughs at just about anything. And it is the sweetest laugh in the world. I LOVE IT!!
Jacob is such a tender, sweet, loving, content, and joyful little guy. I pray he will always exhibit these characteristics. We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful little boy to raise and love.
Happy 11 Months Buddy!!!