Friday, May 22, 2009

A Few Good Men

Today I sat a room away and listened to my dad talking, laughing, and playing with my son. His grandson. Coach loves Jacob....a lot!!!! The two of them have a great time together and I love watching my dad dote on him. It makes me think of what it was like when I was a baby. Today as I sat and listened to the two of them I was reminded of how very grateful I am that my son has wonderful men in his life. Men that will love him. Men that will teach him what it means to be a man. Men that will always be there for him. Men that will take the time to invest in his tiny little life. To me that is AWESOME!!!

So many children today do not have a man in their life. How is a little boy supposed to learn to be a man if no one will teach him? I see this a lot in my professional. Children coming from single parent homes. Don't get me wrong.....I think many children have wonderful single parent families. And, now that I am a mommy I have a new found respect for those that do this thing called parenthood alone. But, I do feel those children that don't have a dad, or an uncle, or a grandfather, or an older male friend are missing out on something really special!!

Today I am thankful that my son has LOTS of wonderful men in his life. He has a daddy who loves him more than he will ever know. A daddy who spends time with him and teaches him things. A daddy who watches over him and wants the best for him. A daddy who is a "real" man who will model this for his son. Jacob has two grandfathers who adore the pieces out of him. They love spending time with him. They love to spoil him. They can't wait to teach him about being a boy. Jacob has two great-grandfathers that are still living and two that are no longer with us. With all of them their legacy will live on in my son. To be able to tell my son about his inheritance through these wonderful, amazing, strong, caring, godly men is an honor.

My son has and will have countless male role models at church.

And most importantly, my son has his Heavenly Father who loves him so much more than any of these other men put together. And so too do all those sweet children that don't have a male role model here on earth. A Heavenly Father who created them in their mother's womb. A Heavenly Father who knows every hair on their head. A Heavenly Father who created their inmost being. A Heavenly Father who has a good, pleasing, and perfect will for their lives. A Heavenly Father who desires relationship with them. A Heavenly Father who longs to give them good gifts. A Heavenly Father who has adopted them into his sonship. A Heavenly Father who loved them enough to die for them. Wow!!

Today I was reminded how truly blessed my son is to be surrounded by such wonderful men. For you men out there reading this here's a challenge for you... Get involved in the life of a child. If not your own, find a child who needs that kind of relationship. Make a difference!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun Times

Here's a look at what's been going on at our house lately...

Jacob is learning to use a sippy cup

Here is J playing in his exersaucer

On Wednesday Jacob and I went and had dinner with my family at Mellow Mushroom. It was so nice to sit outside. After dinner we went for a walk in downtown Franklin. It was such a pleasant evening!!!
Had to take some pics while waiting for our food to arrive

J and Coach - notice the construction in the background

Mommy and Son

Jake hearts walks

Couldn't resist this picture. The other afternoon Samson played outside while Jared cut the grass. Jared didn't pay close attention to the poor thing. When I went to let him back inside he was COMPLETELY green from head to paw....he had quite a bit of fun rolling around. We had to give him a bath before he could come in!!

Jacob waking up from a nap
We took the following pictures the other night when we were over at my parent's for dinner. I love my sister!


I don't know what was happening here

Look Mom, I'm up high

Jacob thinks his daddy is sooooo funny. His whole face lights up when the play together.

I love my baby boy

Working on sitting up....he's almost there!
Jacob likes to help me in the kitchen while I cook

Jacob had his 1st popsickle the other day. Cherry flavored. He loved it!!!! It's the only thing we've ever given him that he cried everytime we tried to take it away. We didn't let him eat the whole thing and they were suger free. He has cut his 1st two teeth and we thought the cold would feel good to him....and it couldn't hurt that it tasted yummy at the same time!!!

Yum! Yum! Yum!

This is one of J's new favorite toys. I got it at a consignment sale. You fill it with water and he can chase the fish around with his hands. So fun!

J chillin out while I was getting ready one morning
That's all for now guys. Thanks for sharing life with us. Until next time - Let the good times roll!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Better Than An Alarm Clock

So...normally we wake up to an alarm clock. Not this morning though. This morning we woke up to this....are we lucky or what!?!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's been 6 months already?...

Jacob - 1/2 day old

Jacob - 5 days old

Jacob - 6 months old
I can't believe my baby boy is 6 months old. 6 months!!!! It feels like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. This has been 6 of the best months of my life though. Here is a little letter I wrote to Jacob on his 1/2 year birthday...
My sweet Jacob,
I can't believe you are 6 months old today. That's half a year. It seems like just yesterday I learned I was pregnant with you. I remember how excited your daddy and I were to learn that you were on the way. We had prayed for you for so long. I can still remember my tummy getting bigger and bigger as you grew inside me. I can still remember the way it felt when you would move. I remember the day you were born. You were finally here. It was such a joyous and special day. All your family was there. The night they placed you in my arms I knew that life doesn't get better than this. You were beautiful. You were perfect. You were mine. I prayed God would give me a child, but I never dreamed you would be the blessing that you are to me. I love you so much!!
I was looking at pictures of you from when you were born. You don't even look like the same child. You are growing and changing everyday. And not just in your physical appearance. Seems like every time we look you are learning a new skill. It is SO fun to watch you grow and explore the world around you. You are able to do so many things now and you are enjoying so many things too. I wanted to share some of my favorite things about you at this age.
-You have cut your first tooth. This was a sad day and a happy day for mommy. Sad because you are growing so fast, but happy because you are growing well. And, you just look so cute!!
-You are eating foods now (you have been for a couple of months). You are enjoying this a lot but you are one messy eater. Depending on the food it takes two of us to clean you up!
-You are holding your head up so well. Just a few weeks ago you couldn't do this. You are a fast learner. You used to hate tummy time because your head was buried in a blanket, but now you LOVE to lay on your tummy and look at your toys. You also love laying on your back and playing with toys.
-The tickle game is your favorite!! Your laugh is the sweetest sound I know and it is so contagious. When pops comes home from work this is the game you two play. He lays you on
your back and he kisses your neck and cheeks. You grab his scratchy beard in your sweet little hands and the two of you laugh and laugh. This shared moment between the two of you is one of the highlights of my day. Don't you ever forget that your daddy loves you so!
- Your changing table is one of your favorite places...we're not sure why. You love to lay there naked while we talk to you and tickle you. You are VERY ticklish under your chin. You also love it when anything is over your face. We often rub your face with your clothes or a burp cloth. You close your eyes, open your mouth really wide, reach up with your little hands, and smile. We can tell you enjoy this so much.
-You are learning to play peek-a-boo and you enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror. You smile really big when you see yourself.
- You are very engaged in the world around you. You want to look at EVERYTHING. Take it all in. This is usually cute, but sometimes when we are trying to feed you it can be a bit annoying. But, we take this as a sign that you are going to be quite a smart and observant individual.
-You are an anticipator. We play this game where you sit in your exersaucer or your Johnny Jumper and we walk to the other side of the room. We slowly walk toward you with our arms out saying, "I'm gonna get Jacob". The closer we get the more you start smiling and laughing. You also jump really high. It is so fun!!
-One of my favorite things is that even though you are 6 months old now you are still my little snuggler. Sometimes I hold you longer than I should before putting you to bed because I know this time with you is precious. I pray you will always be a sweet and gentle person. I am excited for the day when you will experience this feeling with your own child.
-You are such a happy baby. Your contentment and joy is absolutely contagious. Every one in the family agrees with this. We all just love, love, love being around you. I pray you will always be full of joy and a lover of life.
-You love to bounce and jump. It is your favorite activity. You would do it all day if we would let you. Thank goodness for the Johnny Jumper because mommy's arms get so tired. Your daddy likes to say :1...2...3...bounce. Your face lights up. You also enjoy when mommy sings "ride the horsey".
-Right now everything goes straight to your mouth. It's kind of funny to see some of the things you try to put in there. Don't worry. We don't let you have anything dangerous. And, if it's something we don't want you to have we quickly replace it with one of your toys and you are as happy as can be.
-You still love to snuggle with your lamby. You keep it right under your chin and hold on tight.
-You LOVE your bed. And, we love that you love your bed. At the end of the day (or for naps) then I lay you down you start smiling. You get this really peaceful look on your face and if you could speak I know you would say, "My bed. My bed. I love my bed."
-When you sleep you stick your little butt up in the air. All I can say is that it is really cute!
-You are becoming more and more expressive with your language. You not only make noises in different pitches and tones, but we have noticed a few sounds come out that could actually pass as some sort of word. They are so much more defined.
-You are getting ready to crawl, but you aren't there yet. Right now you stick your butt up in the air. Occasionally you will lift both of your knees up off the ground. We know it's only a matter of time. We are worried too because once you get going, we are going to have a hard time keeping up with you.
-We have taken you swimming a few times and you love the water. We know this summer is going to be so fun!
-Moo is your favorite sound. You like all the animal noises, but nothing gets you laughing like "moo".
-You are almost sitting up. You do it by yourself for a few seconds and then you topple over. Any day you will be a master at this.
-You love to read books and sing songs. You and I have special time together quite often doing these two activities....building memories for when you are grown up and no longer sit in my lap for a story or a song out of key :).
Jacob, I could go on and on and on about all the things I love about you. You are so special to me. You have changed my life in so many ways. Every time I look at you I am reminded of what a huge privilege it is to be your mommy. And what a huge responsibility I have in raising you to be a Godly man. I know I will mess up, but I pray daily for God to show me how to be the best mommy I can be for you.
You are so very special. God made you perfect in every way. I want you to always remember how much I love you. It's been a joyous 6 months with you and I look forward to watching you continue to grow.
All my love,