Monday, April 27, 2009

It Doesn't Get Cuter Than This's been a while since we have posted anything. Life has been crazy around here and we seem to have been going nonstop!!! Our little boy is growing like crazy. He will be 6 months this week. We can't believe it. I bought a professional camera last week and while I am NO professional photographer we attempted to take some fun shots of J over the weekend. We haven't quite figured out the editing program yet, but this is some of what we captured. It doesn't get any cuter than this....

tiny feet

We took some time out in between for some fun pics with Mommy and Pops. Here are J and I rocking in the rocking chair that my mom rocked me in when I was a baby. And, J and his daddy are playing their fave tickle game. In the past two weeks Jacob has started getting VERY excited when his dad comes home from work. They lay on the bed and Jared tickles him till he can't stand it. Jacob loves to put his hands on his daddy's face and touch his beard. It is soooo sweet we had to capture it...

This morning we loaded up the car and headed to Centennial Park. Samson was more excited than any of us. During our time their we couldn't resist snapping a few more pics.

Feeling grass for the first time

check out my new hat

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Fun (part 1)!!!!!

There is a beautiful park in the city where my grandmother lives. We went there on Saturday afternoon and took some fun Easter pics. Here are a few....

Leelee and Jacob

We tried to take some pictures of all the great-grandkids. Hard to get them all to smile or even look at the camera at the same time. Here's what we got. Still cute though!!!

Doesn't look too happy to be there

Easter Weekend Fun (part 2)

Here is our weekend continued....

Here we are on our way to church

J with his presents from the Easter Bunny

Isn't his Easter outfit presh?

Taking some pictures while we wait for lunch

My cousin Fran and her baby Graham

My sister and I with Mama

Mama with all the great-grandkids

Coach and Jacob/Daddy Bob and Graham

The Easter Bunny was good this year

My little cousins
Not only was it Easter weekend, but we got to celebrate my sweet Mama on her 90th birthday. We had a small get together at the house on Saturday. It was fun to celebrate her wonderful life and share in this special day with her.
The Birthday Girl

My mom (in the green) with her sisters

The cousins - minus 2

Jacob and Graham playing with each other

Cousinly love - soooooo sweet