Monday, April 19, 2010

Trip to SC

We went to South Carolina to visit my grandmother this weekend. She was in the hospital and sent to the ER twice last week. After all the tests and scans it was determined she is having severe anxiety attacks, causing her to lose her balance. And, she has pneumonia. This is causing her mind to be very unclear. She has been saying a lot of things that don't make sense. And, often she can't find the words to say at all. The past few times we have been to see her I have prepared myself for her decline. This past weekend was the worst yet. My heart is just breaking for my sweet grandmother. I pray for her full healing everyday.

Despite the fact that she was not feeling good we had a good visit. I was able to spend a few precious moments with her one night before she went to bed. I laid with her and just told her how much I loved her, how proud I was of her, what a wonderful grandmother she was, and how I knew that one day she was going to be well again. She told me, "We'll see each other again", "we'll be with each other", "I'm going to be well again", "I know you are going to do great things ", and, "I love you." I guess in a way we said goodbye to each other. Hopefully I will be able to see her again this side of Heaven, but if not I feel so blessed I was able to be with her and share that tender time.
On Saturday afternoon my cousin Fran and her little boy Graham (Jacob's favorite second cousin) came over and we played, and played, and played. I wish these two lived closer.
going for a walk down by the pond

After our walk, we came back to my aunt and uncle's for some playtime in the backyard.
going down the slide

chasing the ball
going for a ride
my child - always the silly one
just a little bit of cousinly love

playing in the flowers
messing with Fran
in the wagon

YUM!! - spaghetti for dinner
two pooped out little fellas and their mommas
On the way home we decided to take a pit stop in Chattanooga. It was good for all of us. We went to the Discovery Center and had a blast!!!
playing in the water area

soaking wet
check out my new ride

playing some instruments

putting on a puppet show for Pops
playing in the dress up area
a ball held up by air
Oh T Rex, what big teeth you have!
digging for dino bones
no bones mom, but I found this cool hat
listening to my heart in the clinic
picking cabbage in the garden
going for a ride in the kyak
learning how a pully works
playing in the jungle gym
After the DC we went to the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel. Jacob was fascinated and the entire time he kept saying, "choo choo. choo choo."
J was not wanting to cooperate for pics, this was the best one I got

Before leaving town we stopped by to visit Aunt Emily or Memy as Jacob now says. Her roommate has a dog. The dog has a cage. Jacob loved the cage. He kept closing the door (with himself inside) and saying, "bye bye." It was hilarious!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wonderful Easter

Let the children sing a song of liberation
The God of our salvation set us free
Death, where is thy sting? The curse of sin is broken
The empty tomb stands open, come and see
Let my heart sing out, for Christ the One and Only
So powerful and holy rescued me
Death won't hurt me now because He has redeemed me
No grave will ever keep me from my king
He's alive, alive, alive. Hallelujah.
Alive. praise and glory to the Lamb
He's alive, alive, alive. Hallelujah
Alive forever. Amen
I love this song, and this Easter I was reminded how so very thankful I am that He is ALIVE!! I hope all of you had time to really ponder the sacrifice Jesus made for us. We had a wonderful morning of worship at church, followed by a yummy lunch and great time with family.

our good friend and wonderful photographer snapped this photo in the parking lot after church

Jared's side of the family
My side of the family
My extended family all live out of town. It is so nice that my wonderful in-laws allow my parents and sister to spend holidays with them. It really is nice that we can ALL be together!! :)

Jacob wasn't so sure about the ceramic bunny

he loves to pick those little yellow flowers - by the way he has started to say "yellow"
this grass feels funny
getting ready to hunt some eggs
but I think I'll try to mow the lawn at the same time
we decided the basket wasn't quite big enough so Grammy pulled out this fun wheelbarrow
huntin' for eggs

it took a bit but he finally got the hang of it

taking a break to read "Peter Cottontail"
it was one of my favorite books growing up
Treats from the Eater Bunny
examining his goodies
eating one of his "treats" after dinner
it was so stretchy

another "treat" from Mr. Bunny
In closing, Jacob can now say church and Jesus. I just think it is so sweet. I'll ask him if Jesus loves him. He says "Geejus" and nods his little head. How tender must God be towards that!! :)
Have a wonderful week.