Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December is Here

We heart Christmas at the Vaughn house in a major way. I'm just itching to get finished with my decorating. Saw these super fun hats today at Wal-Mart and couldn't resist. Jared and Jacob have one too. So....a family pic will be coming soon (oh, and we'll be sure to remove the tags)!!! Until then Samson and I are wishing all of you a very happy and joyous Christmas season!!

A Little of This, A Little of That

So...we've been busy bees lately. Here's what we've been doing around here!!

Went out to Gran and Pappy's the other day to take some fun pictures in the leaves. Jacob had a great time playing and we got some cute shots.
Playing under the high chair

Can I eat these?

Checking out the BIG tree

We went over to my parent's house for dinner the other night. They have lots of fun toys for Jacob to play with, but he had a better time seeing what he could get into!
My little monkey
Coach doesn't let ANYONE touch his books. Well....at leat until Jacob came along. He had the best time pulling every single one of those things off the shelf.

happy guy before bedtime
That's right. His foot is off the ground. Jacob has been walking like crazy. And it's just the absolute cutest thing to watch him do it. He gets so very proud of himself. It's been hard to get good shots of him. We have caught a lot of cuteness on video though!!

Samson the loyal companion

He just LOVES to lay in this thing
practicing those walking skills
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the entire family. Ate way to much and still wanted more. Thanksgiving is such a great day!
Us with Jared's maternal side of the family
Us with the paternal side of the family - minus one family that lives in SC
4 generations of men
the in-laws
my family
Oh what did I do?
Getting so good at walking
playing with Grammy
We've been trying to take our last few walks before it gets too cold outside. It's hard to get everyone to smile AT the camera!!
In addition...Jacob was 13 months yesterday. Here's just a few new things he's up too.
-Well, I already mentioned walking. And that's the biggest thing that's been going on
-He now has 8 pearly whites
-He got his 1st ear infection
-Jacob gives high 5's
-He can now say "woof". He says it over and over again anytime he sees a dog. So cute!!
-The Belmont mascot is a bear. We taught Jacob to respond to, "What does Bruiser say?" with his "grrrrrrr" growl that he does. Got to get him to do it at the next basketball game
-Jacob loves to scream. Not in a bad way. He's just learning new ways to use his vocal cords. Just the other morning I put him down for his nap and he laid in bed "screaming" for about 30 minutes. I wanted to pop in and record some of it, but I was afraid it would keep him from being able to settle back down
-We have discovered that Jacob has a singing voice. Everytime you sing and stop, he makes this noise like he is still singing or wants you to keep going.
-This kid really likes to dance. Especially when he is in his high chair. He'll sway back and forth and move his head...kinda like he's doing the snake. Presh!!!
-We now have a biter on our hands. Oh happy day!
-Had his first taste of chocolate cake. It was a hit.
-Jacob also says "vroom" when he plays with his cars. Crazy how they just know to do that.
-He likes to brush his own hair. He always holds the brush backwards, but it is the cutest thing I've ever seen!
-Oh and he LOVES. I mean LOVES to brush his teeth. We got some toothpaste without flouride in it and he has been having a blast. We let him brush his teeth when we brush ours and it's often hard to get it away from him. I guess good dental hygiene runs in the fam. :)
We are seriously just so absolutely crazy in love with this kid. Everyday just gets better and better. I just feel so blessed to be a part of his life. Have a great one guys!!