Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Special Friends

What a special treat we had today!! Jenny and Addy Grace came over for a playdate. Boy was it fun!! We had Jim and Nick's for lunch....courtesy of Jenny. Then we spent all afternoon playing and talking. Super fun!

We love our weekly playdates with Jenny and Addy. They are such good friends and we always enjoy spending time with them. The little ones played together and it was cute because at one point while they were both laying on the blanket, Jacob (who had just woken up) started crying. Addy looked at him and then she started crying too. I think it was a sympathy cry...what sweet little things we have!!!

Here are some pics from our afternoon together.

Paci Friends

Playing together

Jacob, Addy, and myself

Jenny with the kiddos

Sweet little bugs
Oh - and the big news of the day......Jacob rolled over for the first time. The little stinker did it while I was out of the room. I had laid him on our bed and went to his room to get something and when I came back he was on his tummy. I kept trying to get him to do it again. He did - but just once. What a big boy!!!
That's all for now...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Get Your Climb On

Jared and I went rock climbing at The Cage in Franklin yesterday. What a workout!!! My arms are hurting so bad today, but it was worth it. We had SO much fun! Jared loves to rock climb and has done it a lot. I on the other hand had never been before. I managed to master a couple of walls and can't wait to go back!! Here are a few pictures from our fun afternoon together...

J hung out with Grammy and Papa Doc while we were gone and had a good ole time. He had a special treat because Aunt Jayme came to play. Our boy loves his Jayme!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Busy Bee Kind of Week

We've had quite a busy week. We went to watch the Belmont Bruins play basketball on Monday night!! They won and it was a lot of fun. I (Jacob) love to go to the games and watch the boys run around on the court. I will NOT turn my eyes away from the action unless you are giving me food. :) It's kindof noisy in there, but I think it's cool...

Me and Coach at half-time

Mrs. Margaret loves to hold me

Here I am with the special bib BW gave me

I Love Basketball!!!!!

My mommy and I played a lot this week too. We love to read books. Our favorite book right now is a rhyming book called, "Ten Friendly Fish". I don't know if I really like it or not, but my mommy sure does and she reads it to me a lot!!!! I went to the doctor for a check-up and I now weigh 14 pounds and 7 ounces. I am such a growing boy. I am also now a whopping 24 inches long....maybe I'll be a basketball player.

Mommy and I worked on some of my developmental skills too:

Here I am trying to sit up. I don't quite have full control
of my head, but I'm working on it.

We practiced walking. That is fun.
I want to crawl first though - don't worry!

Can you tell I'm trying to laugh in this picture? Mommy and Daddy are so funny. I want to laugh at them all the time, but I just can't quite get it out yet. At the moment I just open my mouth REALLY wide and smile. They still think it's the cutest thing they've ever seen.

Tummy Time

I like to stand on Mommy's lap

Tuesday night Mommy and Daddy went to a play so I got to go play with Grammy and Papa Doc. Boy was it fun. We went and visited my great-grandparents too!!! I sure do have lots of people that love me. I love to spend time with my Grammy and Papa Doc....they are funny. If you don't believe me look at the picture below. They got a new toy- it's supposed to be for me. I think Grammy likes it a little too much if you know what I mean (and I think you do!)

Funny Grammy

Friday night I had a spend the night party with Coach and Mot-Mot. They are fun too! They let me stay up past my bedtime. I hope my parents don't find out!!! We played in the swing and read books. They talked to me and made me laugh lots.
Taken when I got there....they didn't even let me take my hat off.

Having a private conversation with Coach and Mot-Mot

Today (Saturday) was fun. My mommy picked me up this morning from the grandparents. We met for brunch at J. Christopher's in Cool Springs. I talked and smiled the whole time. This afternoon we went to Emma's birthday party. Emma is my neighbor and special friend. She turned 5 today and her party was so much fun. It was at Pump It Up. I'm still too little to play, but boy I can't wait til next year. Here are a few pictures from the party. You people sure missed out on some fun!!!.....
This is my neighbor Chad. He went so fast.

This is the birthday girl, Emma

Me and Pops

Mommy didn't know how I could fall asleep with so much going on.
When you're tired, you're tired.

Here's Mommy with her neighbor friends
Kristen and Tara

Pops let me bounce a little - SO FUN
Later we met Grammy and Papa Doc for dinner, but I slept through the whole thing. Tonight Chad and Tara came over and played board games with Mommy and Daddy. I didn't really understand what they were playing but they sure did laugh a lot.
That's all for now. Stay tuned because I have a play date with my girlfriend Addy Grace on Monday and our mommies are CRAZY!!!! I know there will be pictures to come. And, Mommy is trying so hard to capture me laughing with the video camera. We'll see if she gets lucky!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Furry Friend

The day we picked Samson out....he was just 1 week old

A couple days after we brought Sam home

I'm sitting here looking at Samson, our sweet Golden Retriever so I decided to write about him. The picture above was taken on the day we decided he would be the newest member of our family. I grew up with dogs so when Jared and I got married the logical question was, "when can we get a dog?"...I had to ask this MANY times for 3 long years before he finally gave in. We did our research and found a family that had a new litter for sale. Jared and I went to look at them and it was love at first sight. We got to pick Sam out when he was just a week old so it was a while before he came to live with us - talk about torture!!! (and he sure didn't stay tiny for long).
Samson is now a little over 2 years old and we couldn't imagine life without him. He is so full of energy and life. He is also the sweetest dog ever! When he was a puppy he was into everything - he tore a hole in the wall and ate linolium off the floor. He also loved to eat socks...well, he loved to eat anything. To this day he will eat all kinds of random things. Some of his faves are paper towel rolls, the fuzz of tennis balls, and the insides of his stuffed animals. After he devours his animals he carries around the dead carcass for all to see....we have Mr. Possum, Mr. Duck, Mr. Squirrel, Mr. Quail, Mr. Fox, and Mr. Rabbit. His personal fave is Mr. Fox - that thing shows up everywhere!!! Samson of course has matured over the past two years and no longer eats socks (thank goodness), but he loves carrying them around in his mouth. You always know when this happens because he loves to come and sit next to you to make sure you know he has something. So stinkin cute!! :)
For the longest time Jared and I wondered if he would ever calm down. Well he has. Don't get me wrong, he will chase a ball all day long if someone will throw it to him. And, if you ever take him near a body of water - watch out!!!! But, he also loves to cuddle with his mom and dad. And, he LOVES Jacob. They are the best of buddies.
We love life Samson. Here are a few pictures of our ball of fur....
(Samson and Jacob hanging out on the activity mat)
(Playing in the bouncy seat)

(Best of friends....)

King of the Castle

Protector of the family

(Caught eating the Christmas Tree)

(Come on ...throw me the ball guys!!!)


(Picture Perfect)

(Come on....throw it!!!)

(We love to sit on the porch and watch the world go by)

Do you see this sock in my mouth?

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Many Expressions of Jacob Thomas Vaughn

(my stretching face)

(my the sweetest thing you've ever seen face)

(my ooooooh face)

(my cutesy face)

(my half-asleep face)

(my full tummy face)

(my hungry face)

(my superman face)

(my relaxed face)
(my help me out here guys face)

(my santa baby face)

(my i love to eat my fingers face)

(my super snuggly face)
(my happy face)

(my farmer jake face)
(my just chillin face)

(my mad face)
(my funny face)

(my praying face)
(my curious face)

(my really happy face)

(my i'm completely out face)

(my i think my daddy's funny face)

(my i love my mommy face)

(my i still love my mommy face)

(my giggly face)

(my gq face)

(my i'm about to lose it face)

(my super duper happy face)
(my game face)
(my sleepy face)

(my mad face)

(my i'm in love face)

(my content face)

(my pensive face)

Our sweet boy is full of so many faces and expressions. We love everyday we spend with him and getting to know him more and more!!!