Friday, January 8, 2010

14 Things I Love About My 14 Month Old...

1. His big, beautiful blue eyes.
2. His curiosity.
3. How he says "mama", but it sounds like "mema".
4. The way he makes a monkey and dog noise and how he says "choo-choo" for a train.
5. His energetic personality.
6. How he puts the phone up to his ear, smiles, and says, "HEY"!!
7. How he walks towards me with his arms outstretched for a hug.
8. His kisses and how he says "Mmmmm" when he gives me one.
9. Watching his entire face light up when he sees his aunts or grandparents.
10. How he walks around the house with a toy in each hand.
11. How he dances and moves his head back and forth anytime he hears music.
12. His contagious laughter. And how he has many different laughs - all are so great!!
13. How he cracks himself up when he burps. He is definitely ALL boy!! :)
14. How he is becoming a good sharer.

Jacob continually finds new ways every day to make me love him more and more. I am quite a lucky mama to have such a sweet, funny, gentle, smart, handsome, tender-hearted, and carefree little boy as my very own. I am so very thankful that he continues to grow healthy and strong. The Lord truly does give good gifts.

Here's a few more pictures of my little monkey....

Just can't quite decide which book he would like to read
Mama can you help me choose

Talk about curiosity in action. He sat and inspected this vacuum cleaner for about 20 minutes the other day.
Having a snack and reading a book before getting ready for bed
Run, Run as fast as I can't catch me Pops
Samson decided he wanted to play too.
They kept taking the milk jug away from each other. Too cute!!!
Baby it's cold outside
Playing in the "snow" for the first time
He didn't know what to think, but sure did have fun!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas at our house....

looks like this....
We were so very busy over the month of December that I didn't get the chance to post any pictures. That means this one is going to be long!! Here's a look at our Christmas festivities.
Family Photo
Jacob loved decorating the tree

Hanging out with Samson

Taking a quick play break

Merry Christmas!!

We went to Opryland Hotel and looked at the lights. Jacob was completely mesmorized....

and he really wanted to touch baby Jesus
On the 23rd we got together with Jared's mom's side of the family for dinner and Dirty Santa. We walked away with a gift card to Home Depot and Chuy's. Jacob scored some awesome books!!
Me and the girls
Jacob putting Christmas bows on Grammy's head
He really liked opening presents
This is Jacob's new book
It's called Silent NIght and plays the song while you read. AWESOME!!!
On Christmas Eve we went to church with my family and then came back to their house to eat a wonderfully yummy dinner and open presents.
Coach, Jacob, and Mot Mot
the girls

Reading the Nativity story

What's in the stocking?
Super cute backpack his LeeLee got for him
but it's funnier on Mot Mot
opening another present
showing Coach his new coffee mug
Coach got Samson a femur. This dog was happy!!
So...Jared and I got REALLY into Santa Claus. It was so much fun setting all of Jacob's toys out. We made quite a bit of noise getting stuff down the stairs though. Luckily Jacob didn't wake up. We're gonna have to get better at being quiet!! :)
putting the basketball hoop together
stocking stuffing
Santa was good this year
Christmas morning our families came over to watch Jacob play with his new toys and to eat breakfast.
fun time with tractor
checking out his new cars and sippy cup
stocking time
listening to the train sound on his new book
Hey, I wasn't finished with that!
holding his new puppy

checking it out
taking his first shot with Coach
Christmas Day we all went and had lunch at Gran and Pappy's. We hung out there until late afternoon. We were one of the first to leave because little man was needing a nap and there was more fun to come!!
checking out the tree at Gran and Pappy's
After lunch at Gran and Pappy's, Jared's family came to our house to open more presents.
helping Grammy get the presents ready

checking out his new alligator
Grammy crying over her new calendar
Jayme and Emily made us a diaper Christmas tree. Hilar!!!!
We love it!!!
mowing the lawn
part of Samson's Christmas present
The day after Christmas we went to South Carolina to visit my grandmother and the rest of my extended family. We hadn't seen a couple of my cousin's - one lives in Pennsylvania and the other in Ohio in about a year. It was a great visit!!!....The trip there was a little stressful. Jacob got carsick and threw up several times. We stopped about 5 times before we even got to Chattanooga. It was a long day, but definitely worth every hour spent in the car to get there!!!
At the beginning of our journey
Jacob in his new car seat. He's facing forward now and loves it.
Baby it's cold outside
Giving Mama her new calendar
Mama and Jacob playing cars
it's sunny outside
Jacob was fascinated with his cousin Meredith's missing tooth
playing a game with Amelia
Our entire family (minus my dad who couldn't be there due to work)
Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!