Thursday, December 1, 2011

24 Day Countdown

I love Christmas. I love traditions. I love books. I started this tradition last year and it is one of my faves. I wrapped 24 Christmas books and put them under our tree. Jacob gets to open one every night leading up until Christmas Eve. Last year he so enjoyed opening his books and reading the stories. This kid LOVES to read so I have high hopes that this year will be wonderful.

We open our first one tonight. Can't wait to see which one he picks!!!

Christmas time is Here

Two nights ago we put our Christmas tree up. I just LOVE a decorated house at Christmas. Jacob really got into it this year. He had such a good time putting ornaments on the tree and looking at the lights. We had some yummy finger foods and listened to Christmas music while we decorated. Then, we watched a Christmas movie and ate popcorn and peppermint brownies. YUMM!!
my two sweet boys
putting his ornaments on
so excited about his big bird ornament that he picked out

a final pic cause I just adore these two