Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Few Belly Shots

I stared the belly shots a little late this time around.  But, better late than never.  Here I am at 17 weeks.

18 weeks

Jacob is obsessed with my "growing" belly

I love this one.  He loves to give the baby kisses.  So sweet!

Me and two of my favorite boys.

19 weeks

Here's to hoping I'll remember to take one each week from here on out.  I really do love to watch this sweet baby grow!!

Beach Blast (Part 2)

We headed to St. Simon's, GA and Destin for a week of fun in the sun with Jared's family.  We had a lot of sun, water time, laughs, good food, and great weather.  It doesn't get much better!

We found another lighthouse on the pier at St. Simon's.  Jacob liked this one too.
Playing on the huge, beautiful oak tree
Getting ready to leave for the wedding (one of Jared's cousin's got married)
Backdrop for the wedding.  It was georgous!!!!
This kid danced all night.  Hilarious!!!!
Baby Bumps
We had to go swimming the second we got to Destin
Out in his boat.  Jacob is really into pirates right now and this was his ship
Flying his first kite
I love my little man

We just heart the beach so much!!!  I am so thankful we have the ability to go TWICE a year.  Thanks Renna and Papa Doc for another wonderful week of fun in the sun!!

Oh Beach...How Do We Love You (Part 1)

We have been living it up at the beach this summer.  Jacob and I have been blessed to spend a week with my parents in New Smyrna Beach, FL and then a week with Jared's family in Destin.  This boy is a beach-loving, water-loving little thing. I will do these pictures in two posts.  These are from our trip to New Smyrna.

When we left for our trip Jacob said, "This is a beautiful day for baycation (vacation)."  Then several times throughout the trip he would say, "This is a great baycation."  Ah, what a cutie!!!

I had never been to New Smyrna before and I must say that I am a fan.  It was quaint, not over-crowded, beach was easy to walk on, there was the best breeze all week, and wonderful seafood.  We had a fabulous time!!!
We spent the night halfway down.  Jacob loved getting to ride on the luggage cart.

I was waving at them from the balcony
Seriously...this kid would stay in the water all day if we would let him
We built some sand castles too
and took lots of walks in the early mornings and late at night
And who could come to the beach and not swim in the pool
This was his first time to try the boogie board and he was a fan.
Two peas in a pod
We found a cool lighthouse.  Jacob became downright obsessed with this.
On our last day we took a trip to Daytona Speedway.  If you know my child, you know how excited he was about this!!!
Getting ready for our tour

He chased the poor birds all week too
"Stop taking pictures mom."

This one got out of order somehow...J and Coach on the outdoor tram 

Thank you Coach and Mot for a wonderful baycation!!!!