Monday, July 23, 2012

A Little Trip To The SC

 Jared, Julie, Matt
Jared left last week for a 10-day trip to India with a couple of friends from church.  This is a kind of "scouting" trip to determine our church's role in this country in the coming months and years.  Jacob and I have been able to talk to him a couple of times since they left.  They are having a great time.  Jared told us there are monkeys everywhere....Jacob thinks this is great.  He comes home in 2 days and we can't wait.

Knowing he was going to be gone for such a long time, I decided that we needed something fun to do.  Luckily, this little thing was born the day Jared left....
 meet our newest cousin Charley
My mom, Jacob, and I headed to South Carolina for a few days and it was a perfect getaway.  Charley is the cutest!!  I had forgotten how they just sleep all the time at this stage.  Holding him made me get so excited to meet our newest addition in a few months. :)

Charley's older brother Graham is 11 days older than Jacob.  He came back to my aunt and uncle's for some sleepover fun with us.
 such sweet little buddies
I sure do wish they lived closer

These two did not stop from the time they saw each other until the time we said goodbye.  Time was filled with hide in seek, jumping on the bed, puppet shows, basketball, football, chasing each other, cars, swimming, laughing, and of course...pirates (our newest obsession).
 we swam a lot
 a little pajama football action
 so funny watching them tackle each other
 I guess you could say we had a family reunion of sorts.  My cousin who lives in Ohio was there for a visit too.  This is her little girl Caroline.  She is almost 2 and the tiniest little thing you will ever see.  She said my name while we were there....and I have a hard name people.  It was adorable!!
 she got right in there with those big boys

Since my grandparent's have passed away, going to visit is not the same.  It was weird not going to their house or seeing their sweet faces.  However, I love being with the rest of my family.  We had a lot of fun, ate a lot of good food, laughed a lot, and just enjoyed being together.  I am so glad Jacob got to spend some time playing with his cousins.  From all I could tell he had a BLAST!!!

I just hope we can get back soon for another visit.

And in closing, my latest belly shot.
this was taken at 21 weeks, we are now at 23 1/2
I can't believe we're only 17 weeks out.  We can't wait to meet our sweet baby!