Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello Blog World...

First, the Music City Marathon was a few weeks ago. Jared trained SO hard for it. Then, the week of he came down with strep throat and his asthma started acting up. He rested a lot, but unfortunately he was not able to run in it. We were quite bummed. My cousin's husband was going to run in with Jared though so they still came and we had a great time.
on our way to the race
I just love these two girls so much
All kids love Coach - he's a magnet
After going home for a quick shower, we met my parents for some yummy Mexican food and then headed over to Main Street Festival in Franklin.
they rode this about 4 times
J was in Heaven
We also walked around and looked at all the fun crafty things. Meredith (the older one of the two girls) thought it was just the coolest thing. She told my mom, "Do they do this the same time every year? We don't have anything like this at my home. Maybe we can come back next year." So sweet.
Jacob had the best of time with his cousins too. They all piled on the air mattress at night and had a slumber party. Also, the girls are OBSESSED with Justin Beiber. They got Jacob singing, "Baby, Baby, Baby Ohhhh. Baby Baby Baby Nooo." Every time he did it, they would laugh and this would make him laugh even harder. It was hysterical.
Jacob has had ear infection after ear infection lately too. Good thing his daddy has his own practice so we can go get them looked at whenever we want. J is becoming quite the good little patient.
Mrs. Lee looking in his ears
Mater is always in one and Lightening McQueen in the other
And we keep getting taller and taller
Last week we went to Centennial Park again with our dear friends Jenny and Addy. Jenny is 35 weeks pregnant. We can't wait to meet the newest Shoe in a few weeks. Anyway, we went to feed the ducks....and, boy did we feed the ducks. As soon as we pulled the bread out they started coming from all directions. Jenny and I were laughing and screaming at the same time. If someone had a video camera they would have definitely caught some momma craziness. We were so worried our little ducks were going to get bit by THE ducks. Oh goodness gracious the predicaments we two girls always seem to find ourselves in. Despite our initial freak-out, the ducks were in a gentle mood. J and Addy were able to get very close.
we even got to feed the family of baby ducks
how cute are they!?!
And, my little man just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He is making me more proud everyday of the kind, sweet, loving, gentle, sharing, considerate, hilarious, easy going young man he is becoming. He's like a welcome virus that has infected every part of my being..
Last week we went to Gran and Pappy's for lunch and to hang out. I just love them so. We had a wonderful time talking and playing outside. Gran also let us pick a few trees to bring home and plant in our backyard. We got a Maple, Dogwood, and Red Bud. I'm hoping they will survive cause we could use some shade.
J and Pops planting the Maple
And, last of all it is warming up here in Nashville. We've had to pull out the water table a few times already...
A great day to you all!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Glorious Easter Week

We had such a WONDERFUL Easter week filled with lots of fun activities and of course, celebrating Jesus. I just love this time of year!!
Our week started off with Jacob's Easter egg hunt and picnic at school. He really got into hunting for eggs this year.
checking out his loot
of course, we had to have one bite of chocolate before lunch
I have such wonderful memories of dying Easter eggs with my mom and I was so excited to start this tradition with Jacob. He had a blast watching the eggs change colors.
they turned out so good
long day
On Saturday we went to the park for Nathan's birthday. The day was perfect and the kids were cute as could be.
doesn't he just look so grown up!?!
he really liked the merry go round
there was an Easter egg hunt for the kids
jellybean cupcakes
some of the kiddos
best of friends
the Easter Bunny made a little stop at our house
headed to church
Oh - he looked so cute I wanted to eat him up
hunting eggs at Renna and Pa Doc's house
the men in my life
eating a chocolate/marshmellow bunny
my mom made Jacob his first bunny cake
SO cute!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!