Friday, January 27, 2012

Sugar Mountain

We went to Sugar Mountain over MLK weekend to go skiing with my mom's ENTIRE side of the family. 21 of us in one house for 3 days. It was crazy, but we had a FABULOUS time. Beware....there are a lot of pics in this post.
our family of 3

The first day we took Jacob and Graham (my cousin's little boy) sledding. These two had a blast.
about to go down for the first time

ahhh....he just melts my heart

at the rental place getting our skis
We got a lot of snow while we were there and couldn't resist a little snowball fight on the back porch.

Graham got him good in this one

making a snowball

sweet sweet Caroline

having a blast

right before going skiing
for the first time
all ready to go
So.....Jacob had been talking about going skiing for weeks before we actually got there. He. was. pumped. He was excited when we got to the cabin. He was excited when we went and got our ski rentals. He was excited walking to the first slope. He was excited getting his skis on. He was excited about going down with his Daddy. Then....he turned and SAW the slope. We are talking about the melt-down of all melt downs people. This kid SCREAMED the whole way down. "I don't like to ski." "I don't want to ski." "I want to go back to the cabin." "I don't want to ski." Then, while we waited to go back up on the magic carpet he just kept repeating over and over again, "I'm just so scared Mommy. I'm just so scared." Jared and I talked to him and tried to get him watching everyone else do it and about how fun it was. He was not having it I tell ya! Anway, we got back up to the top and he is still in major freak-out mode. He asked us if we could leave. Jared and I both told him that there was nothing to be afraid of, we are right there with you, we know you will love if you just give a try, etc....We managed to get him to go down one more time and that was it. He fell in love. Halfway down the slope he starts screaming, "whahoo. we are going fast. we are skiing" He laughed hysterically. As soon as we got to the bottom he looked at me and said, "let's do it again." By the time we got back to the top a 2nd time he was ready to just hold a hand (before Jared had skied down with Jacob in between his legs). And, since we were just holding one little hand our sweet and fearless boy pretty much skied down that big mountain all by himself. We couldn't have been more proud. WAY TO GO LITTLE BUDDY FOR OVERCOMING YOUR FEARS. And realized you LOVE to ski.
this was still in freak out mode
look at him go
going down the mountain with his dad

braving it by himself
by the way....I just love him all bundled up like this
Jacob and Amelia

he had so much fun!!!
last picture after turned in our skis

When we got back in the car the last night I asked Jacob, "Buddy. What was your favorite part about skiing?" He told me that he liked going fast. He then asked me what my favorite part was. I looked at him and said, "My favorite part was watching you overcome your fear." He got THE biggest smile on his face and in the sweetest voice he said "Me too mom. At first I was so scared, but then I tried it. Now I love it!!! (and he placed his sweet little hand over his chest)."

I love him. And, we can't wait to go back next year!!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Day with the Vaughn's

We spent Christmas Day with Jared's family. We ate a lot. Laughed a lot. Opened presents. It was a good ole time.

Jacob helping Pappy open his dirty Santa gift
This picture is VERY special. Just 3 days after this picture was taken sweet Pappy went to the hospital with pneumonia. On the 31st Pappy went home to be with Jesus. We miss him so much.

playing with his awesome new remote control McQeen

Chase was super excited about Criminal Minds
b/c of his excitement we are now hooked on a new show
He had disappeared for awhile
When we went to find him he was into the gumdrop tree

what a cutie!!!!