Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Beach

Jacob is ready to GO!!
He was a great helper with the packing

These pictures have been a long time coming. We have been traveling a ton lately and had a lot going on so I'm just now getting around to it. Back in June we went to the beach with Jared's family. We had such a wonderful time. Our child is definitely a beach bum!

getting in the waves for the first time
and he loved every minute of it
so excited!!!

we played in the sand a lot too

One of the days there we went to the water park. It was a blast!

this pic is a little out of order, but I love it!!

trying to surf

this was where J wanted to spend most of his time

the pool was AWESOME
headed to dinner
J rode in his boat on the waves....huge hit

the waves were some of the highest we have ever seen in Destin
I thought J might be a little scared....we were wrong
that's him....in the boat....covered in water
smiling and laughing the WHOLE time!!
he kept saying, "I in a boat".
J with his Renna and PaDoc

group shot

I was so upset about these pictures b/c I didn't realize my lens was fogged until we were done.
I still thought they turned out cute though.

On our last night we went to the track
J rode the go carts for the first time
"we going fast"
my little man is growing up so fast

Ahhhh...I just love the beach. We had such a wonderful time of fun, sun, good food, great company, lots of relaxation, and lots of laughs. Can't wait for next summer!!!