Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jacob's First Vacay!!

We're finally home. We've had a fantastic two weeks of fun, family, good food, and sunshine!!! Jacob did FANTASTIC on his first vacation and we thought we'd share some of our time with you....

The first part of our trip was in Orlando. My dad got an award for Athletic Director of the Year and we went down to support him. The drive was long, but J did so well. He slept and played. Not much crying at all. Thank the Lord. We have such a good baby!!!
The resort we stayed at was huge. J spent a lot of time in the stroller.
Coach lovin' on his boy

One of the days we were there my family took care of Jacob so Jared and I could play. We went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We had a blast. Jacob had fun hanging out with his grandparents and aunt. I don't think he missed us too much!!
LeeLee and Jacob. I think he might have a dirty diaper by the look on his face. Jacob and Gama
Jacob and Coach hanging out on the balcony
Jacob getting ready to swim
He LOVED the water
We liked it too
My dad at the banquet. Way to go Coach!!! We are so proud of you.
Pic of the resort
Pool at the resort. So big it doesn't even all fit in the picture
View of waterfall and slide
Jacob in the crib - he didn't really like it all that much
After our time in Orlando we said goodbye to my family and drove to Destin, Fl to spend the week with Jared's family....
Our condo
View from our balcony
Waiting to eat at Pampano Joe's

The Siblings
It was really dark in the restaurant so this is not a good picture. Jacob was really tired from riding in the car all day and fell asleep sitting up in his highchair while we were eating. So presh!!!!
We ate our breakfast on the balcony
Jake playing in the sand for the first time. He loved it!!!!!

Then we took a nap
First time at the water was not a good experience. He cried a lot!
My son the Walrus
We filled this boat up with water from the ocean and J played in it. He didn't mind getting water in his eyes.
It's fun to dump water on myself
Chillin' in my boat
Playing with Pops
Standing up in my boat
Sleeping in my boat
Waiting for our table at the Crab Trap
I'm getting hungry guys
Our boy was a trooper. Every night he did so well at dinner....even though it was well past his bedtime. He would just sit and play and talk to himself. We were very proud of him.
Getting my putt-putt on
Getting ready for the day
Jake mastered sitting up by himself while we were away
Little Blue Family
You are so cute!!!
Aren't I cute?
This sand feels weird between my toes
Inspecting the sand
J with Grammy and Papa Doc
Let's look at the water
Those waves are big guys
Mother and Son
My fingers are good
Beautiful Baby Boy
Jacob sitting in Jayme's lap. Oh, and chewing on Papa Doc's glasses case
Playing in my Johnny Jumper
Trying on Mommy's sunglasses. How do I look?
Lounging by the pool
Sitting in the pool is better
Trying the ocean again. This time we did much better. This water feels good.....
Jacob and Daddy
What are doing here guys?
Maybe it's not so bad
I kinda like this place
But it's good to be home
Oh, and Samson was glad to be home too
We had a great time. Is it next year already!?!