Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Few Things We've Been Up To

 Jacob has been obsessed with green "snoothies" (smoothies) this summer.  We have made one every morning.  It consists of spinach, yogurt, oj, and whatever fruit we have on hand....a lot have been made with peaches my personal fave!  Anywho, little man loves to help make them and has gotten to the point where he can almost do them himself.  This picture was taken the morning our blender broke. :(....the last smoothie with our blender of 9 years.  Don't worry, we went out to Target straight away and got a new one.
 Jacob started back to school last week.  He is LOVING it.  His teacher this year is Mrs. Linda.  She is very engaging and they are doing all kinds of fun things.  He is only 4 days in and they are already working on their home addresses and the pledge of allegiance.  It's going to be a good year!!
 We went to the mall the other night for a little Sweet Cece's treat.  This dude could eat ice cream for every meal if we would let him.  After ice cream we went and looked in the Disney store.  They had Jake and the Neverland Pirates stuff.  Jacob could not have been more excited.  He is crazy about this show.  I'll admit that I like it too.  It's super duper cute and the music is way to catchy!
 Here he is with the Tic Toc Crock

Last Saturday night, Jared and Jacob had their first camp out in the backyard.  I was sad to miss out but thought a hot, uncomforable, pregnant woman sleeping on the ground wouldn't be the best idea.  They however had a blast.  After setting up our tent, roasting marshmallows, telling not so scary ghost stories, and putting on pjs it was time for bed.  Jacob was a champ and stayed out there all night.  When he woke up the next morning the first thing he said was, "this was fun.  can we do it again?"  Sweet, sweet boy!  I'm sure there will be lots of camping nights in your future.  Oh - Samson slept out there with the boys too!!
 My two guys getting ready for a fun night
 This sweet thing got a hematoma in his left ear over the weekend.  On Monday I took him to the vet.  He ended up staying to have a little procedure done.  When doc told me they were going to put him to sleep and began explaining the process I had a little meltdown.  Being that this dog is my first child and my hormones are out of control I couldn't control myself and the tears just kept coming.  I'm sure the vet and nurse were a little confused as to what to do with me.  Anyway, after pulling myself together Jacob and I said goodbye to Sam.  He had to stay overnight.  This picture was taken when we brought him home.  He was SO excited to be back.
He even posed for me so I could get a pic of his poor little shaved ear with stitches.
I love this dog so much!

Still can't believe summer is over and another school year has begun.  We have had a great summer of traveling, swimming, hanging out with friends and family, and just relaxing.  So thankful for my sweet little family and the time I get to spend with them.