Monday, February 28, 2011

What a Vocabulary

The sweetest 2 year old I know
Momma's big boy

enjoying a Valentine sucker

Jacob's vocabulary has really exploded. He is saying so many cute, smart, and hilarious things. I have been trying to preserve them on pen and paper for fear that 30 years from now I might not remember something. Be still my heart. Here are some of my faves:

-I comin. (he yells this when he comes in a room or down the hallway)
-Hey mommy. Whatcha doin mommy?
-crackwas (crackers)
-I need some.
-Mmmm...that tasty.
-oh my goodness. (I absolutely LOVE it when he says this)
-I help.
-sure (this is his response anytime you ask him to do something)
-I wuv you
-Look. I a monkey. Oooh-ahhh
-I watch daddy shave.
-That Jacob's? (when he wants to know if something is his)
-Help me!
-Mommy. Get me up. (who needs an alarm clock when your two year old screams this)
-We go downtown Franklin.
-soap hands sink (when he wants to wash his hands in the sink)
-I need my Zyrtec.
-Oooh. What's that?
-Jonah. Him swallowed up. Gulp.
-Goliafin (David and Goliath)
-I read mommy's favorite book.
-I read my Bible.
-Mommy, rub my back.
-blue nuffins (blueberry muffins)
-chocowat chip cookie
-cds truck (ups truck)
-backseat driving with grandma
-I get in mommy's bed
-Go Bruins
-defense. defense
-Japanamese claw
-I sit sanna cwausses lap. I cried.
-Sanna Cwause bring me my race track
-Cwean up. cwean up.
-Old Donald had farm. eoooo. On that farm had a farm. eoooooo.
-I wear my hat.
-I write my name.
-It towin (it's snowing)
-I want my eat - eat. (when he wants food)
-You do?/ We are?
-We are going dat way? (when we ride in the car he likes to guess which way we are going)
-Adam and Eve eat the apple.
-Baby Moses crying in the river.
-I wave Coach at the ballgame
-That your's (fill in the blank)?
-This is mines.
-I wike it. (I like it.)
-I play in my room.
-Mot Mot fell on the icing (after telling him the story of my mom slipping on the ice one time)
-I be ok again (after he falls down)
-De rain not going get us?
-I need my cut (kiddie knife)
-You want one of mines?
-Where you's going? That she's car?
-cheerihos (cheerios)
-Ooooh...I want to go there (when he watches the tv)
-you supise me (you surprise me...what he says when I ask him what he wants for breakfast)
-Hee-Haw. P.U. (We are. B.U. - this is the chant from the basketball games)
Oh my goodness. I will stop here for now.

Snow Days

We have had more snow here this year than I can remember. We have had a blast playing in it. Here are a few pictures we took during our last big snow...

I can't tell who is more excited to get outside in these next two pictures.
patiently waiting for us to get bundled up
this dog goes CRAZY when it snows. he would stay out there all day long.
ready to go play

Jacob's puppy "Tooking" had to come along
(we have NO idea where this name came from, but it cracks us up)
we have the perfect hill in our backyard for sledding
Jacob kept saying, "we goin shleddin in de orange one"
oh and "it towin" (it's snowing)

Samson actually pulled the sled up the hill
we got a video of this but it wouldn't upload for some reason...i will try again
working so hard
such fun
We can't wait for it to snow again next year!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christmas Catch Up

I have been such a slacker on here lately. With that being said, I'll keep it short and sweet. Here are some pics from Christmas...FINALLY!!!!!
with Coach and Mot Mot before Christmas Eve service
checking out his stocking
He got REALLY into opening presents this year.
It was so fun!

taking a break from presents for a quick pic
(we have such a hard time getting him to look at the camera these days)
I got some Rachel Ray cookware.
Mom got a new scarf
some of the loot
Coach got a Kindle
Jacob giving Coach his new mug
Leanna opening up her spa day gift card from yours truly.
I think we'll have to do this every year.
My little family
Santa stopped by our house later that night

checking out some of his presents
Buzz Lightyear
he's gonna be a doctor just like his daddy
this has by far been his FAVE gift.
we play with this racetrack ALL day long.
he also got a ton of cars to go with it.
I love that the past couple of years, both of our families have come over late Christmas morning to see Jacob's toys and to eat breakfast. It's such a fun time to be together.
J got a tent
Here he is showing it to Papa Doc
and Mot Mot had to check it out too

making coffee in his new kitchen

what's in the stocking?
yep! still playing with the racetrack
I'm not sure what this is, but both of their facial expressions cracked me up.
Samson had a good Christmas too. He loves his new rabbit.
Christmas Day dinner at Papa Doc and Renna's
getting ready for Dirty Santa
after about 12 shots - this was the best one I got
we were not having a good night
Sweet Gran and myself

checking out his new trains

the kids
is this picture not the sweetest!?!
i just love it
Gran wrote her memoirs. She typed it all up herself and had it bound. We each got a copy. How special it is. She is quite funny and we are so enjoying reading about her childhood and her life with Pappy. Thanks Gran! Best Christmas present we got.

I just adore these two.
If I got to pick two other people to be my grandparents I think I would choose them.
Paps opening his present
The day after Christmas we went to South Carolina to visit my family. We had such a good visit. My grandmother was actually able to sit up and communicate a little bit. I had some very sweet moments with her (I have some other pics of her that I will post separately).
Some highlights from our trip:
Graham and J playing cars
We got to meet our newest cousin.
Jacob calls her "baby Caroline"
My Mama looked so good. She always looks so pretty in pink.
Two of our sweet family/friends got to spend time with us. What a treat. Margaret and Julia - we love you so!!
spending good time with some of my cousins
Fran and John - we missed ya'll
Oh - I almost forgot!
I have a new pupniece - Bella. She's a cuite pa-tootie.
These are Jacob's dinosaurs. I love to watch him play.
More posts to come.