Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun in the Sun

(the first three pictures were deleted from my original post so I added them to the beginning).

singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider while waiting for dinner

We just got back from Destin. A little fun, sun, sand, water, cool breeze, good seafood, family, and good times. It was a quick trip, but we manged to have a LOT of fun while we were there. Jacob didn't remember much from his first trip last year so everything was new again. He had a blast....and of course, I caught it all on camera. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. beach babe's first adventure on the beach
we found a little tidal pool that he liked to play in
he loved digging in the sand - and didn't mind when it got in his eyes

We went to the track and Jacob rode the choo-choo train. He thought it was awesome.
Family pictures on the beach -

how cute is he?!

I love this one

J with Mot Mot, Leanna, and Coach

picture perfect
a bit of light morning reading

I think he could have spent all day playing in the sand
tidal pool
digging a hole

relaxing in the chair
He wasn't afraid of the ocean AT ALL. In fact, we couldn't keep him out. He kept trying to put his face under. One time he got away from my dad and the wave swept him out and he rolled under the water a couple of times. We all freaked out hoping he was ok. He didn't cry. Nope. He laughed and wanted to do it again. I think this one is going to be trouble. Ha!

drying off

little water bug

coloring at dinner

We went to Fisherman's Wharf one night and walked around a listened to music.It's such a neat place.

splish splashing in the waves

drinking like a big boy
Me and my man

Jacob learned several new words this trip: beach (got to be careful with this one), sand, splash, pool, sure, fish, airplane (we saw a ton everyday), shell, wave, and seriously.
saying goodbye on our last morning
Coach and his number one little guy
packing up

It's always so sad to leave the beach. However, we weren't that sad to leave this time because we're headed back in 3 weeks with Jared's family. More fun in the sun for us! Oh, and more pictures!!! :)