Tuesday, February 2, 2010


SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! WE GOT SNOW! And I love snow. It started last Friday and kept coming. We ended up getting about 4 inches at our house. Plenty to have some awesome play time. Luckily, we have a great hill in our backyard which is perfect for sledding too. Jacob got sick over the weekend, but we still managed to find some time to enjoy this special treat from God.
Our house on Saturday afternoon
Samson LOVES snow. The dog would stay out in it all day if we would let him. As soon as it started coming down he sat by the back door whimpering to go out. This was taken at about 9 am on Friday morning - it was just getting started.
Saturday morning our neighbors came over for some sled time.
This is Chad attemping to "snowboard" down the hill.
And Daren made it all the way to the bottom
I am really thankful for our neighbors. It's so great to have friends that live right next to you. We always have such a good time together.
This was Jacob's first attempt at sledding. See the sheer terror on his face. Well, it didn't last long....after a few more times he was smiling and laughing. He loved it!!
Some of the kids making a snowSamson
My boys
Samson chases everyone down the hill
More sledding
Playing in the snow

Going for a ride
Ok - so funny story. Samson grabbed the rope from Jared's hands and started pulling Jacob around in the sled. It was so funny and oh so cute. We were able to capture it on video camera too. These boys are silly!!

Samson chasing his ball
Up please
building a snowman

See...he loves it!!
My three favorite boys
Samson...you want some snow?
My little snowman
What a great way to spend the weekend!! We wouldn't mind getting another one of these before the winter is over. It's just oh so fun!!

15 Months of Pure Wonderful

Our Jacob turned 15 months old Sunday. I can't get over how fast he is growing. I have enjoyed every stage with him, but this age is SO FUN!!! I love playing with him and watching him learn new things every day. He is such a sweet, loving, tender, crazy, goofy, energetic, smiling, laughing, stubborn, strong-willed, handsome, silly, laidback, happy guy. Ooooh...I just love him like crazy.

He's into so much these days. Wanted to share some of my fave things though.
Here is our sweet little guy
Jacob loves to wrestle with his dad. Every night before bedtime Jacob crawls on the couch with Jared and headbutts him, throws himself on him, and begs to be tickled and paid attention to. In a book I am reading called, "Wild Things - The Art of Raising and Nurturing Boys" it talks about how boys at this age will use aggression as a form of affection. It's their way of expressing closeness, the need for intimacy and attention, and to show you they love you. It may seem weird, but I promise you it is TRUTH. Our little guy LOVE, LOVE, LOVES to get aggressive with us - while smiling and laughing the whole time.
-Jacob can now say "mama", "dada", "nana", "vroom", "this", "hot", "hey", "bye", and we think he says "jacob"
-He loves to sit and read books. When he is finished with one he will walk over to his basket and get another one. It is so cute!!
-We have an organizer on our hands. He is obsessed with putting things away. We have plastic bins for his toys. Right now his favorite things to do is take everything out and then put it back in. It's so funny too b'c when his done playing with something he will put it up. He also puts things in the bins that don't belong such as his sippy cup, my shoes, Samson's ball, and anything else he finds lying around. Silly guy. He also has these magnetic letters and animals on the refrigerator. They keep disappearing and when I open a cabinet there are tons of them. He is putting them in with the pots and pans.
-Jacob loves to be chased around house. It's by far his favorite game to play. And we love playing it with him. When we catch him (which we always do) we tickle him and he laughs like crazy.
-Another one of his favorite games to play, but NOT one of mine is to throw his toys down the stairs. We have a gate at the top. Anything he can get through the slits finds its way to the bottom. After he throws something he will smile really big and giggle to himself.
-He has discovered burping and thinks it's hysterical. We find it hard not to laugh along. :)
-He stills loves to be rocked and sung to sleep. I love it too.
-We go to all the Belmont basketball games. Jacob is really starting to have fun. The first few games he didn't know what to do and was a little overwhelmed. Now he watches everything and points to the ball. And, he claps when the audience claps. It's priceless!!!!
-Speaking of ball....that is Jacob's favorite word. He loves to say ball and to play with balls.
-Jacob now gives hugs and kisses on command. Along with the kisses comes a big "Mmmmm"....so presh!!
The other day he was sitting in front of one of his toys that has a big mirror on it. He kept looking at himself and the next thing I knew he was giving himself kisses. Oh my goodness I wish I had the video camera at that moment.
-He is terrfied of the vacuum cleaner.
-He loves his daddy like crazy. Below is a picture of them reading a story before bedtime. I'm a lucky girl.
That's all for now!