Tuesday, September 21, 2010


What's been happening with us?...
Last Saturday we cleaned the front of our house
Jacob was a great helper
He loved playing with the soap
We went to a 1st b-day party for our friend Morris
This is Morris's mommy - we have been friends since kindergarten
J decided this was the best way to eat his cupcake

This kid hearts cupcakes!!
puzzle time
watching Pops mow the lawn
one of our fave activities
reading a book
having a popcorn snack before bed
playing at the park
that was fun
I want to do it again
my guys coloring together
What's been happening with you?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

Jacob started Mother's Day Out today. I was sad, he was excited. I'm so thankful he had a great first day. This picture was taken on our way out the door. To me, he looks like such a big boy.

Little Cabin in the Woods

We went to Blue Ridge, GA for Labor Day Weekend. It was a wonderful 4 days of fun, family, rest, and relaxation.
view from our cabin
We took a hike to a really pretty waterfall one day...
I know he looks uncomfortable, but he loves this thing
looking at the leaves
my boys
the waterfall
Samson wanted to cool off
Jacob thought the water was cold
best pic we got
Jared and I went horseback riding. We had a blast!!
I know. I know, but safety first.
J and Gypsy
T Spoon was such a sweetie pie
playing in the backyard
isn't it awesome we had this?
this kid had a blast throwing rocks

taking a water break
we spent a lot of time out on the backporch
me and my daddy

my favorite little man

tickle time

"hi rye rye"

saying hello to Mr. Bear
Leanna and Jake
playing with the water table

my bestest buddy
family shot
such a little helper

my sissy

ummm...not sure
Hope everyone else had a great weekend!!!