Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Coach

My dad's birthday was last Friday so we decided to suprise him with a trip to Stones River. My dad is a huge history buff and has always been fascinated with battlefields. I did a little research and found out he had never been to Stones River in Murfreesboro. It was hot, but it was really neat to drive around and take a look at a piece of our nation's history.
Coach and Jacob
My parents stading in front of the oldest monument in the nation ( according to the guide)
so sweet - Coach and Jacob
taking a break to play behind a tree
checking out the cannons

watching a little gun action
then they brought out the big things
it was really neat to watch the reinactments
we finished up with a walk around the cemetary
there were so many graves - many of them unknown
After the battlefield we had some lunch and then took a tour of this place called Cannonsburgh Village. It was set up to look like a small village from 1819. It was SO neat. They had the school house, post office, church, dr. office, gas station, general store, and several other buildings. We really enjoyed walking around and trying to envision was it would have been like to live back in those days.
It was a great day and I think my dad really enjoyed it. Happy Birthday Coach!! We love you.

19 Months

Look at this happy little guy!! He just loves to of the many things he loves doing right now. As I sit writing this he is doing one of his other favorite things - laughing and talking to himself in his crib. His crib is his happy place. He finds such pleasure being in there. Every afternoon when he wakes up from his nap he lays in there and laughs, and laughs, and laughs. I'm not sure what he is finding so funny, but it is so cute. In fact, I think I'll let him laugh a little longer so I can finish up this post.

Jacob is amazing us more and more everyday with the things he is learning and saying. He turned 19 months last week and I just can't get over how big he is getting. Here are just a few of his new and favorite things to do right now...
1. Fave new words: sure, watermelon, fast, grass, chair, mess, lunch, bites, fry, and plane. I counted it up the other day and he can say over 100 words.
2. Jared has been working on Spanish with Jacob. Jared will ask him body parts in Spanish and Jacob can point to his nose, ears, eyes, teeth, mouth, hands, and bellybutton. He also responds to sit down, stand up, leche (milk), and come. Apparently Jacob kept telling me to come in Spanish when we were at the beach, but since I don't speak Spanish I didn't realize what he was doing. We have such a smart little guy on our hands.
3. Jacob is fascinated with the lawnmower. We love to sit on the porch and watch Jared cut the grass.
4. Our boy has a new favorite food - FRIES!!! We let him try his first one a few weeks ago and it's been his favorite thing ever since. Good thing we only let him have fries occassionally or he would be 500 pounds by now :).
5. Jacob also loves to dip. He dips waffles and pancakes in syrup, chicken and fries in honey mustard, ketchup, or ranch. He also likes to just eat the sauce. Just yesterday I caught him eating his honey mustard with a spoon. We had to take the spoon away. YUCK!!
6. He is like a little sponge soaking everything up. He attempts to repeat everything we say and is understanding more and more the things we tell him.
7. Jacob distinguishes his Bible from all his other books and gets so excited to read his Bible before bedtime. This just makes my heart melt.
8. He really likes to run away from you and shut the door. He has locked himself in a room a couple of times. I do not like this game at all.
9. Everytime we leave to go somewhere he has to give Samson a kiss. These two sure do love each other.
10. Brushing his teeth.
11. Jacob has started telling us when he needs a clean diaper. He will walk over holding his bottom and say "poo poo". Or, he will bring us a clean diaper and say "dapa". I don't think we're ready to potty train yet, but I'm hoping these are good signs that it will be easy when the time does come.

Happy 19 months little man.